Summer fun for the kids

Summer fun for the kids

All children who have redeemed fishing licenses and enter the store with 5 pcs. Rouch, get an ice for the catches.

Rouch must be delivered during the store's opening hours and exchanged for icecream.

Summer Fun runs until 11.8.2021

Rouch are caught close to the shore and easiest with a small single hook with corn or worm. Use a small stopper or bubble float with 2-3 lead. Fish in about 30cm depth.


Rouch are silvery carp fish with blue-green backs and reddish fins. The eyes are red, too. The fish often have a high back, and they are flattened from the side.


To be discarded. High and flattened from the side. It has a high dorsal fin with sharp spikes and distinct dark, vertical stripes along the body. The perch always has greenish tinges.


To be discarded. Can be known by the very elongated body. Big yawns with pointed teeth. The pikes head is flattened and wide.